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marQaha understands that patients have different needs when it comes to how they interact with their medicine. When smoking isn't an option edibles and drinks offer the easiest way to medicate.


We offer some of the best tasting edibles and beverages on the planet using the best ingredients available. More than that, we GC-MS our beverages so you get the same amount of medicine perfectly dosed. What this means is that you will never over or under medicate using our products! 

Hard at work in our Factory so you can relax, this is our promise!


Here's a few reasons!


• You can medicate without offending others with the smell or "stigma" of cannabis smoke
• You can eat it and/or drink it!

• You don't like to smoke

• Your medical condition doesn't allow you to smoke

• You don't cough!

• Our products allow you to perfectly dose your medication, smoking is harder to measure.


A word about edibles and drinks when compared to smoking...


When smoking the effects of the medicine are felt in a few minutes. When you eat or drink your medicine your body needs extra time to metabolize the ingredients. This time varies among all patients but it is typically 10-45 minutes until the full effects are felt. So what does this mean? Just relax and let your body take in the medicine!

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