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GoGo Gummies

Get up and Go Go with our fruit-powered gummies!


A new take on an old favorite, we took everything we knew about our fruit, coffee and tea based drinks and applied this to a fruit infused gummy so you can enjoy the benefits of our all-natural beverages in a tiny on the go cube!


Product Highlights:

A) Fruit infused

B) Gluten Free

C) Pectin Based

D) Vegan

E) Positive mood support via eQuilib

F) Proprietary terpene profiles via Qerpene

G) Increased absorption via enQap and nanoteQ

H) Coffee and Chocolate infused (Caffe Mocha)


We wanted to continue the history of pink lemonade’s circus origins by making it SOUR and turning it into a gummy so you can enjoy the rides without the spills!


Our award winning flasQ turned into a gummy! Time to relax with the perfect trifecta of blueberries and chamomile mated with Indica that you can chew on!


Ready to feel PUNCHY, chew on this flasQ inspired Sativa dominant gummy and get out there doing what you love with a bit of bliss to help you along!


Wake and bake in a whole new morning light! The world’s first coffee mocha gummy blended perfectly with sativa to help you start or continue your day!


Kick up the heels and relax on the porch, we decided to turn one of our most popular beverages into a 1:1 gummy! 


Night & Day coming together like Ladyhawke to a Cole Porter soundtrack! Whatever your passions, we have you covered 24/7!


We took the old time soda fountain favorite and gave it a sour

twist! Perfect for a date night at the drive-in theater pucker up!

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