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Questions and Answers

A) Does your product require refrigeration?


Like all natural food and pharma grade products proper storage helps extend the life and stability of the product. Although all marQaha products are independently tested to be shelf stable (see label for shelf life) we recommend the following:


1) Refer to the 'Use By Date' for an unopened product that is based on the Production Date. Both of these dates are found on the Production Batch Sticker located on the bottom of the bottle.


2) Once the product is opened refer to the NATURAL PRODUCT NOTICE (see below) as a general guide on product storage and usage timeframes. to provide a Use By Date as we do not know if the contents of the bottle were contaminated by exposure to the elements (a patients mouth for example).


3) If stored at a stable low temperature and out of UV light which the amber glass and/or solid color packaging to minimize light exposure the cannabinoid and product degradation should be minimal. For products such at the flasQ line refrigeration is REQUIRED after opening since it is a natural juice/tea/coffee based product line. For all other products it is suggested to store in a refrigerator when not in use to prolong the life and stability of the product like all of food products.






B) How do I establish my DOSE of THC/CBD?


Our products offer you a way to establish a relative MG dose range. This allows you to determine and manage your

DOSE based on the tolerance and use needs determined by you and your cannabis medical advisor.





C) Are your products natural?


We use all natural ingredients in all product lines. When available we source organically.


We also verify the origin of each ingredient so we can confirm that the same standards we apply to marQaha also applies to our ingredient suppliers



D) How are your products different than most in the marketplace?


Since 2010 marQaha is committed to producing the best products while educating the consumer and general public on the deep medicinal benefits of Cannabis. * marQaha is one of the most trusted brands in the regulated cannabis industry. We are also the world’s first cannabis brand to create and produce a strictly hemp based product line available in all states.


In addition to making great products we focus our efforts on 4 distinct areas in the marketplace. We feel these are an integral part of everything we do and a necessity for the industry as a whole. Our products are focused with strict medicinally focused intentions.


This is how we complete this mission:


TESTING: All cannabis and products are tested for safety. We test for items such as pesticides,

herbicides, mold and bacteria count.


DOSING: Once safety TESTED we lab-test our cannabis extract for CBD and THC levels. This allows us to create a product line that is more medicinally based and safer to consume. With the proper dosage a

consumer can always maintain a safe interaction with the product.


PACKAGING: All of our products use CHILD-RESISTANT packaging. After the proper DOSE per cannabis extract is established we homogenize the extract into each product then fill and seal in

child-resistant packaging during the production phase. The products are then sent to a legally recognized dispensary for a consumer purchase.


EDUCATION: A consumer that is well educated on how to properly interact with cannabis is a

necessity. All packaging provides proper dosing indicators and clearly marked “Keep out of Reach of

Children” notifications. We have also greatly expanded this belief by creating and

maintaining the educational portal; This portal is also listed on all




E) Extraction and Solvents Utilized?


We only utilize the safest and most accepted solvents and methods including C02, Food Grade Ethanol (extraction) and solventless.



F) Powered by plantrica explained.


marQaha made better! Designing a product that is effective and that patients and consumers will enjoy takes more than pleasing the palate to be a success. Through our parent company plantrica we research and apply well documented science and our own proprietary methods to make the products we design perform in a powerful and measured manner. These improvements are shown as being "Powered by plantrica" on each product using a blue "+" next to the product name with a list of which technologies are empowering the product on the front of the label.

These are the four core technologies we apply to our formulations*:

A) enQap: Liposomal encapsulation means uniform absorption and a protected sphere around active profiles

B) nanoTeQ: Nano-Particle technology means quicker absorption times and consistent formula effects

C) Qerpene: Proprietary Terpene-Based Formulations that supports a defined and consistent consumer product experience 

D) eQuiLib: Positive Mood Support while using THC

+The world's first positive mood support ingredients formulated into products with THC*!

G) How do I establish my own THC and CBD ratios?

INGEST: One approach is to blend your own CBD and THC products to establish your own ratio.  As one example, marQaha offers a CBD tincture that you can blend with a marQaha THC tincture. This way you can create your own ratios of THC to CBD. 50 ML of CBD tincture to 1 ML of THC tincture creates a 50:1 CBD/THC ratio product.


INGEST and INHALE: Another option is to purchase a marQaha CBD tincture and utilize a vaporizer to inhale the terpenes and cannabinoids (THC being the most common and dominant).

H) What is the suggested dose for your Beef 'N Bacon tinQture?



We suggest that you consult with a medical professional when using any new product. Here's a simple dosing approach and chart for reference:

A) 1-5 mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.


B) Frequency: use every 8 hours or as recommended by a professional




Weight               Low   Medium   Strong 


10 pounds:      1 mg     3 mg        5 mg

20 pounds:      2 mg     6 mg       10 mg

30 pounds:      3 mg     8 mg       15 mg

40 pounds:      4 mg    10 mg      20 mg

50 pounds:      5 mg    12 mg      25 mg

60 pounds:      6 mg    14 mg      30 mg

70 pounds:      7 mg    16 mg      35 mg

80 pounds:      8 mg    18 mg      40 mg

90 pounds:      9 mg    20 mg      45 mg

100 pounds:   10 mg   24 mg      50 mg

200 pounds:   20 mg   48 mg      100 mg

300 pounds:   40 mg   96 mg      200 mg




I) Should I be concerned about trace amounts of THC in marQaha's Pure CBD product lines?


Our current CBD products do have a trace amount of THC (under the .03% federal limit) so a 10 MG dose of CBD would have less than .16 of a MG of THC per CBD dose. Since this is such a small % there hasn't been feedback about  consumers experiencing euphoria from THC since most consumers experience some degree of euphoria at 5+ MG of THC per session.


Since there is a trace amount of THC in the product please consider this if you are required to take a drug test for any reason.


This is just a guideline so please do what you are most comfortable with when interacting with cannabis!

J) To learn more about how to properly establish a safe CBD and THC dose and for general safe use questions pertaining to all forms of cannabis products visit our safe use SITE:









K) Why does marQaha believe and implement a whole plant "entourage effect" approach to their products? 



marQaha’s approach when formulating our products is to combine, represent and elevate  the most powerful components of each ingredient so they work in concert together. Terpenes are one of the more amazing elements that we choose to elevate. For example, our Blueberry Chamomile flasQ is designed to not only represent the whole cannabis plant but also elevates the whole plant profile and terpenes of the blueberry and chamomile plant.




Terpenes (terpenoids) are components of the essential oils and resins found in many plants, and especially in cannabis plants. Terpenes synergize with and modify the effects of THC and other cannabinoids. We are only beginning to understand their effects and interactions with the phytocannabinoids in cannabis and the endocannabinoids in our bodies. From over 100 terpenes possible in the cannabis plant, here are some of the more common terpenes present in cannabis. Cannabis offers many benefits during medical, spiritual and therapeutic use affecting the mind, emotions and behavior. In addition to the cannabinoids, other elements such as terpenes are powerful on the own as well as working in concert together (commonly called the “Entourage Effect”).


Terpenes are common constituents of flavorings and fragrances. Terpenes, unlike cannabinoids, are responsible for the aroma of cannabis. The FDA and other agencies have generally recognized terpenes as “safe.” Terpenes act on receptors and neurotransmitters;  they are prone to combine with or dissolve in lipids or fats; they act as serotonin uptake inhibitors (similar to antidepressants like Prozac); they enhance norepinephrine activity (similar to tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil); they increase dopamine activity; and they augment GABA (the “downer” neurotransmitter that counters glutamate, the “upper”). However, more specific research is needed for improved accuracy in  describing and predicting how terpenes in cannabis can be used medicinally to help treat specific ailments / health conditions.


Independent research for reference:


One research report (Study #1) demonstrated that there may be potentiation (a form of synaptic plasticity that is known to be important for learning and memory) of the effects of THC by other substances present in cannabis. A double-blind study found that cannabis with equal or higher levels of CBD and CBN to THC induced effects two to four times greater than expected from THC content alone.



To determine whether there is any advantage in using whole plant cannabis extracts compared with using THC by itself void of other elements different form of extract were tested against each other (Study #2). There were 1) standardized cannabis extract of THC, CBD and CBN (SCE), 2) pure THC, and 3)  a THC-free extract (CBD) were tested on a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS) and a rat brain slice model of epilepsy. Scientists found that SCE inhibited spasticity in the MS model to a comparable level of THC alone, and caused a more rapid onset of muscle relaxation and a reduction in the time to maximum effect than the THC alone. The CBD caused no inhibition of spasticity. However, in the epilepsy model, SCE was a much more potent and again more rapidly-acting anticonvulsant than isolated THC; however, in this model, the CBD also exhibited anticonvulsant activity. CBD did not inhibit seizures,nor did it modulate the activity of THC in this model. Therefore, as far as some actions of cannabis were concerned (e.g. anti-spasticity), THC was the active constituent, which might be modified by the presence of other components. However, for other effects (e.g. anticonvulsant properties) THC, although active, might not be necessary for the observed effect. Above all, these results demonstrated that not all of the therapeutic actions of cannabis herb is due to the THC content.


It has also been found (Study #3) that non-cannabinoid plant components such as terpenes serve as inhibitors to THC’s intoxicating effects, thereby increasing THC’s therapeutic index. This “phytocannabinoid-terpenoid synergy,” increases the potential of cannabis-based medicinal extracts to treat pain, inflammation, fungal and bacterial infections, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy and even cancer.




#1:  Effects of marihuana in Laboratory Animals and in Man (P.F. Renault and associates study)


#2: Medicinal cannabis: is tetrahydrocannabinol necessary for all its effects? (JD Wilkinson and associates study)


#3: Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects (E Russo and associates study) 


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