Pure and Powerful


Tinctures are one of the world's oldest forms of medicine. marQaha recognized the beauty of something so simple and added our own proprietary processes to make something ancient new again! Under the tongue, in your tea or using a raspberry as a mini-cup our multi-award winning organic agave tinQture is the swiss army knife of medicine!

Our tinctures come in two formats:


1) Agave base: naturally sweetened, perfect for tea, coffee straight or fruit !


2) Entourage Oil: 100% Coconut based MCT, perfect non-glycemic tincture

Product Highlights:

A) Discreet

B) Gluten Free

C) All-Natural

D) Vegan

E) Great tasting multi-use tincture

F) Positive mood support via eQuilib

G) Proprietary terpene profiles via Qerpene

H) Increased NanoQuick absorption via enQap and nanoteQ


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