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How do I use Cannabis?


There are many ways to use marijuana. Listed below are some of the most common methods of preparation and what you can generally expect. Marijuana is one of the few medicines on the planet that allows so much personal creativity when using it. Have fun but be responsible!


As with any medicine, if you have any questions always seek the advice of a medical professional before using the medicine. It is also highly recommended that marijuana not be combined with any other medicine unless first approved by a medical professional.


You can smoke it:

Humans have smoked marijuana for thousands of years, in addition to eating it this is one of the most common methods of using it. The effects immediate (5-10 minutes on average).  Smoking any material is not good for the lungs, but the amount typically needed is so small that the negative effects on the lungs is negligible. It is better to smoke the flowers rather than the leaves as this also reduces the amount you will need to smoke. Methods to smoke include, rolling, water pipes and vaporizers.


You can drink it:

Like other herbs, marijuana may be made into a tea. Boil the water first and pour it over the marijuana. The steeping time is longer than typical tea approximately an hour and a half.  The effects are similar to eating it.

Marijuana can be blended with many liquids such as fruit juices and coffee.



You can eat it:

Marijuana can be eaten. It can be added to just about anything imaginable, cookies, lollipops, whipped cream and brownies. When cooking, you should read up on the acceptable temperatures so the medicine is preserved. It typically takes longer to feel the effects when eaten, meaning that you should be patient with the medicine so you don’t take more than you are accustomed to taking. However, when you do feel the effects, they may be stronger than those felt by smoking.


You can make a Tincture:

A general method of preparation on how tinctures can be prepared is the following:

▪Herbs are put in a jar and a spirit, typically vodka is added
▪The jar is left to stand for 2–3 weeks, shaken occasionally, in order to maximize the concentration of the solution. To make a more precise tincture, more extensive measuring can be done by combining 1 part herbs with a water-ethanol mixture of 2-10 parts, depending on the herb itself. With most tinctures, however, 1 part water at 5 parts vodka is used.


You can apply it topically:


Humans have applied cannabis topically for thousands of years. Common methods include lotions, creams, sprays and salves that contain cannabis and various herbal remedies.




By placing a cannabis concentrate close the blood vessels near the surface of the skin (like under the tongue) you can bypass the digestive system and lungs and go straight to the blood stream. Common methods include sublingual sprays and lozenges that contain cannabis.
Big Pharma’s version:

Marinol is a synthetic petrochemical analog of one of the elements found in marijuana. Some patients say it helps with nausea yet takes a long time to work. Do not smoke this product. It also has the potential for overdose. Use only under the supervision of a doctor.



Created by the British company GW Pharmaceuticals as a sublingual spray using a full plant extraction. There are currently 2 main thc/cbd ratio products being offered with the most prominent being the 50/50 THC/CBD spray.



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