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                                  History and Beyond


marQaha was founded in 2010 and began with full spectrum whole plant products independently tested and validated making it one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the industry. We were also one of the first to formulate, test and produce hemp specific products back in 2015. Since this time we have heard many incredible stories, met amazing people and are still learning much about the plant.


We look forward to continuing this journey together!


*marQaha is an Arabic word that has come to mean "enlightened bliss" that originated from the drinking of "qahwa" that was brewed from the coffee"bunn" (bean) and used during various religious ceremonies to stimulate the mind and body. As early as 1221, the dancing, free-thinking Sufi sect used coffee and cannabis as Bhang or as a green tincture sipped from a vessel ("the Emerald Cup") to establish a deeper connection with their god.

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